Wednesday, April 04, 2007

birds by amy

this is just good is a picture Posted by Picasa

stranger by amy

leave it to amy to take a picture of somebody she doesn't know Posted by Picasa

train tracks by amy

she took this one while riding on the back of the train Posted by Picasa

hippo by amy

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

punch by ariel

this is funny it looks like taylor is being punched Posted by Picasa

mikey by ariel

michael stole my "hug a tree hat" and i guess it got left there, boohoo Posted by Picasa

another by ariel

this is not mike's best side Posted by Picasa

abby by ariel

this one turned out good Posted by Picasa

gator by ariel

this time i picked her up... Posted by Picasa

bars by ariel

when you are too short to see over the fence.... Posted by Picasa

the gorilla

ariel got a good one of the gorilla too! Posted by Picasa

ariel's self portrait

 Posted by Picasa

ariel's picture of taylor

she did good on this one.. Posted by Picasa

ariel's first picture

i didn't think ariel was ready for a camera but she was a little shutter bug, it took her awhile to get used to it and this is her first picture she accidentally took of her shirt, that's junior asparagus from veggie tales. Posted by Picasa

abby and amy on the train

 Posted by Picasa

the grandparents and their grandkids

mike took this one and ariel and taylor would not comply, it was hot, the train was late, yada yada yada, oh and their 4. Posted by Picasa

swan lake

by abby Posted by Picasa

ariel and taylor

this picture taken by abby, all the girls had cameras on our wonderful trip to the b'ham zoo during spring break and i'm bloggin' some of the best, sorry it took me so long, my computer's been sick. Posted by Picasa

studio time

mike's been in the studio alot lately, seems spring brings artists out of hybernation or maybe they just finally got some money but anyway, we're glad to have 'em. below is Ben working on his solo project, his band #1suspect was here during spring break and Melvin came over last weekend to work on Artillery which is gonna be awesome! Go God it's your ressurection day!! Posted by Picasa

shabby sheek?

our kitchen looks so rough right now, we finally got the handles back on after another can of spray paint, and mike bless his heart despite severe allergies continues to mud n' sand, mud n' sand, maybe next week we can paint, i hope! Posted by Picasa

home improvement?

this is definately a picture of how things get worse before they get better... Posted by Picasa

foam crazy

hey i went along with his strange aversion to this foam that he acted like was gold, men? Posted by Picasa

mike strippin'

you gotta love a man that'll go along with all your crazy honey do's Posted by Picasa

a family that strips together....

who would've thought stripping wall paper would be a family activity, the girls fought over who got to strip, of course they fight over oxygen intake.  Posted by Picasa